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The Gulf of Kachchh is the biggest gulf on the west coast of India and contains 42 islands fringing with corals and mangroves which provide congenial habitat for proliferation of seaweeds, nesting birds and animals. The Gulf of Kachchh is an east-west oriented indentation between Saurashtra and Kachchh Peninsulas. The Gulf of Kachchh is bordered by Kachchh district in the north and Jamnagar district in the south, with Rajkot district covering a little protion of the Gulf in its eastern side. 

The Gulf of Kachchh is 170 m long from Okha to inner Gulf and is 75 km wide at its mouth with a water spread area of around 7300 km2 and a volume of 220,000 million m3. It narrows down abruptly with a distinct constriction at Satsaida Beyt, and divides into a creek system, often called the Little Gulf of Kachchh. 

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